Formula Underlying Creating New Skills

At the age of 36, during lockdown due to pandemic Covid-19, I intent to learn new skills to develop passive income. I started looking at method on how to learn new skills and found a YouTube Channel by Doulas Kruger. The way he presented his arguments attracted me and from there I dare myself to embrace the risks. Later I enrolled into paid online-class on marketing and selling topics. From there onwards, I dedicated this website to readers out there who are seeking personal growth and learning new skills even though it is already past your prime age.

I believe in life-long learning, however during the lockdown, I am able to practice what I believe. By venturing into dropship and later into affiliate marketing, I learnt and found so many opportunities open to me. I also believe in sharing. Sharing is the best way of me practicing my communication skills and expressing gratitude towards my Creator upon my achievements.

All the formula mentioned below are what I am practicing right now and I am already seeing its result. Before pursuing any new skills, it is important to know social environment plays a huge role. By creating a small group which has similar interest in developing new skills like what you want will have big impact on your personal progress. Another factor that you need to consider is to make sure your surrounding is very supportive. For example if you are like me who want to master online marketing through affiliate, I prepare myself with ample of books and online modules on online marketing. These materials are easily accessible which encourage me to read and apply on daily basis.


Number one formula is yearning which is a strong desire to achieve something. This could be anything from wanting to get good grades in collage or becoming a content writer. The one thing everyone wants is to achieve success but it all boils down how much motivation and drive you have for your goals! You may have continuous motivation by seeking your why reasons in pursuing your dream. I really recommend to read book titled “Find Your Why” by Simon Sinek.

Over time, you are going to hit some obstacles and if you don’t have enough yearning, those obstacles will cause you to either quit or be inconsistent with the activity necessary to build the talent. By building specific goals and having a game plan on how to achieve your goals will help you to build the motivation to overcome the obstacles.


The second formula is input which means you need to expose yourself to as much information as possible related to what you want to achieve. You can do this by reading books, articles, blogs, videos on the topic and also watching documentaries or attending talks and seminars given by experts in the field. It is also recommended to find yourself a good mentor who is already successful in building his talents to guide you.

The more knowledge you have about your goal, the easier it will be for success to find its way into every part of your life. This starts by exposing yourself not just physically but also mentally and emotionally so that there is no room left unopened

Deliberate Practice

You can’t be successful without practicing your skill, and the best way to do that is deliberate practice! This means working on improving yourself daily concentrating on the talent that you want to build which has been broken down into sub-skills. You should commit at least 30 minutes per session- sometimes even more if you’re feeling ambitious (and please don’t forget about those 10 minute breaks).

Deliberate practice need to be accompanied with constant feedback and reflection loop on how to improve your talent. How did it work? What didn’t work? How can I remediate that weakness? And then start the doing again and again, if you do thousands and thousands of hours of this kind of practice, I personally, will guarantee that you get better.

Sustain Over Time

The final formula is sustain over time which basically means continuing the work even when the excitement wears off. You make the commitment to reach the goals as a part of daily habits. It takes a lot of effort to develop special skills but once developed they are yours for life so it’s worth making an investment in your future success by developing them now! The ingredients of a successful life are simple: hard work and perseverance. You have to sustain over time in order for the process to be rewarding, but developing these skills now will pay off later!

Achieving your goals takes effort from beginning until end – so why not make sure that what you want lasts forever? I really like what James Clear, the author of books “Atomic Habits”, says about system versus goal. Your system is the collection of daily habits that you follow. Your goal is the thing that you want to achieve. If there is ever a gap between your goal and your system, your daily habits will always win. It doesn’t matter how good your intentions were. It doesn’t matter what you hope to achieve. It’s what your habits are carrying you toward.

The formula was inspired by Doulas Kruger from his videos titled ” Your story begins when you GO ON A QUEST ALONE” which can be accessed here

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