Taking Out Guesswork in Producing Effective Facebook Ads

Making FacebookTM Ads should be easy and profitable. With huge accumulated of  FacebookTM  2.8 billion users around the world, it become one of the main social platform that can give you potential lucrative profit. FacebookTM has listed many tips and guidance in their website explaining every single important things that you need to know regarding FacebookTM Advertisements.

However, after participating almost 30 online courses about FacebookTM Ads during COVID-19 pandemic last year, I found repeated pattern mentioned by those experts. It is highly advisable for any FacebookTM Ads manager to experiment as much as they can to come out with the best profitable ads. This fact blown me away. How much money should I spent in order to produce good ads? How long it will take? Is there any tools that I can use instead in order to shorten the experiment and reduce cost?

Then I came across Connect IQ Academy as it shown in my FacebookTM feeds. The founder named Wilco de Kreij, who claimed to be 10 years full time online marketer, had created a blueprint for successful FacebookTM Ads campaigns. It is 6-week training program to create and scale profitable Facebook Ads. The benefits, as mentioned in their website, that attracted my interest are

•             Why and when to use multiple Facebook Pages.

•             How to determine the most effective “hook” for your ad.

•             How to discover EXACTLY who your best prospects are.

•             How to get started QUICKLY with retargeting.

•             How to split-test quickly and effectively.

•             Discover the step-by-step breakdown of the bidding process you MUST use

•             How to ‘feed’ Facebook’s AI so that it can keep learning and showing ads to the audiences that are most likely to purchase your goods & services.

•             Advanced Custom Audience optimization strategies to overcome any tracking pixel limitations.

Being curious, I went to the website and read over and over again the explanation and tried to make sense of its description. He also developed powerful tools to help FacebookTM Ads manager to

  • explore all possible interest targeting and multilayering your audience (Connect Explore)
  • automate turn your best page post into your FacebookTM  Ads (Connect Automate)
  • collect leads from FacebookTM lead ads and automatically connect you’re your autoresponder ( Connect Leads)
  • build custom audience based on customers’ action when they receive your email (Connect Audience)
  • run behavioural retargeting campaign based on action they take on your site (Connect Retarget)

All these tool are group together in ConnectSuite, where there is no requirement to download these tools. It can be access anywhere and anytime.

More interesting, Wilco de Kreij come with another offers:

  • Receive 30 days of FREE access (with 30 days money-back guarantee) to ConnectSuite if you buy Connect IQ Academy.
  • Receive “Inner Circle” Access With Your Connect Suite Trial. Some of the past workshops which you’ll also get access to with your ConnectSuite trial are
  • The Content Funnel Blueprint
  • The Retargeting Blueprint
  • 5 Email Strategies To Monetize Your List
  • Data Roadmap – How To Analyze Your Data
  • How To Sell Recurring Products/Services Using Facebook Ads
  • Attract, Nurture and Convert Your Traffic Into Paying Customers
  • Rock Facebook Ads in 2021 (and avoid the iOS14 Slap)
  • How To Write Facebook-Friendly Ads in 2021
  • The Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page
  • Top 10 Facebook Ad Creative Formulas

Basically, at the moment, I found ConnectSuite  is highly helpful and I am applying the recommended action by Wilco de Kreij in my FBTM ads. I will update my progress here within 2 weeks times.  

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