Ultimate Guide for FB ads Audience Targeting Strategy

Custom Look Alike Audience is Our Aim

In my opinion, journey to create the most successful FB ads that convert is always connected with Custom Look Alike Audience (CLLA). CLLA is created when we have about at least 1000 winning lead audience (more is better). This winning lead audience is the collection of data of those who are already purchased your service/product on your website or landing page. I found this is the basis for most successful form of retargeting and attracting new potential customer technique strategy. Still confuse? Let me explain.

To create effective FB ads, we will spend a lot of money and effort to figure out what is the right audience thus we cannot run from multiple trials before finding the right type of audience. Please bear in mind, FB ads will cost you a lot of money before you see tons of money rolls in as a profit.

Marketing starts by building cold audience to warm audience to hot customers to referral/repeating fans. You may find different type of funnels, but I feel this inverted pyramid are easier to use.

My ultimate aim when making Facebook ads is, of course, at the bottom of this inverted pyramid which is referral/repeating fans. They are the one who buys services/product from you, they feel satisfied, keep on buying, put good reviews and refer to others.

Cold audience and warm audience

Every marketing start from cold audience. We want to make this cold audience aware of your business present. They will know your service/product exist and they may have or may not have interest with your business. Typically, when people set sales funnels up, they are looking for the sale as fast as possible. When I started off with Facebook ads, I was the same and I was totally taking wrong approach. Facebook is a social media platform where people who engaged in this platform has low purchase intent compare to other e-commerce websites visitors like Amazon and eBay.  

Most of the ads that I have come across are looking for one-off relationship with their customers. Literally, they bringing the offer straight at first time meeting and once hook, they ran away with the profits and never coming back. This technique of hit and run is really not recommended for those who want to have sustainable profit for a long time. At phase 1, we should build up the prospect for the sell later on. It is relationship and trust that we want to build with them.

Hot audience and referral fans

As being practiced by many popular brands, we want to build fans who love your product/service. These are people who have just bought from you and chances are depending on your product/service quality, they either might be ready to buy again, or they might be able to recommend someone else to come and buy from you as well.

So they are the four layers of customer segmenting and each layer excludes the layer above. At phase 2, we should be able to identify which audience that is worth to spend because they are far better quality than people in Phase 1. These are the people that are most engaged with your website/FB page and they haven’t bounced. What you need to be aware of, the higher your product value, more work you need to do at the top of the inverted pyramid.

Searching the right interest

The success of selecting the right interest and behaviours for cold audience is always depend on trial and error. We should not avoid this learning curve and of course it takes time, energy and money to find the right group of audience. Please remember as Facebook Ads works very well with large numbers of audience.  To address this topic, we should start with customer persona. Customer persona is a virtual list of key trait that relevant to your product/service such as age, income, location, living condition, interest, hobbies, lifestyle that likely contribute to buying behaviour.

Let’s say you have an eCom store selling basketball gear. You did think that targeting followers of LeBron James (one of the best basketball player ever) would be ideal, right?  Not necessarily.  Because James is not only a basketball player champion, he is also a celebrity in his own right, with an Instagram follower of over 89.7 million.

So if you target the people who follow James because he’s a celebrity, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Instead, you need to combine interests to scale down to the people most likely to purchase goods from your store. So for example, for more effective targeting, you may target LeBron James + Nike (a very popular tennis-gear brands). You must already know that James signed $90 million endorsement contract with the Nike company before he ever played professional game.

That will group people who are a) interested in James and b) interested in Nike too—a good indication they’re interested in purchasing the same brand of gear that James uses.  I’m sure that you can see from that example how combining interests is a much more powerful way to find a buying audience.

iOS 14 Update and Removing of FB Audience Insights

There are two big challenges business owners are facing with Facebook Ads right now which are the iOS 14 update that’s eliminated much of the data needed for creating audiences (retargeting has especially been impacted) and Facebook removing their Audience Insights tool starting July 1st.

For both of these reasons, interest-based targeting is going to become much more important in the weeks and months to come. It’s one of the most accurate ways businesses can find new prospects for their businesses and services now, with the new limitations created by iOS14 & the removal of the Audience Insights tool.

Thus I want to recommend you Connect Explore. To read more on Connect Explore, you may read it here.

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